"We wish to express our joy in gospel music and convey hope"

Sofia Gospel was founded on 11 September 2001.

Dan Arvefjord is the director and founder of the choir, as well as an upper secondary school teacher, musician and composer. Many of Dan’s songs are included in the choir's repertoire and he has engaged several other professional musicians to work with the choir. Sofia Gospel’s repertoire is based upon traditional and contemporary American gospel music, but it also includes Soul, Blues, R&B, Pop, Swedish folk songs and classical and contemporary sacred music.

Perhaps because the choir was founded on September 11th, we especially wish to express our joy in gospel music and convey hope. That's why we participate in a variety of charities and perform regularly, mostly in the Stockholm area.The choir has also performed outside the Swedish capital: Gotland 2002; Poland (Krakow) 2003; United States (New York and Hartford) 2007; Swedish west coast (Öckerö and Vårgårda) 2008; Ireland (Dublin) 2011. Its most recent tour was to Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Okayama) 2013.

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